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Happy Holidays!

~The Laundry Co.


We learned a lot in our first year at IU. Our core value is to listen to our clients in order to continually improve our service.  We want to respond to concerns and accommodate our clients. We respect the personal nature of our service. We get that we are part of how our clients present themselves to the world.

​With that in mind, here are some updates as we move into 2023:

~We are working with decision makers in student housing settings to provide lobby lockers to better secure your laundry (Photo to the right).  Our first set of lockers is scheduled to be installed for a fraternity house January. Our vision is to provide these lockers in every Greek house, apartment complex and Residence Hall on campus! This is quite an investment on our end, but is such a “win/win” for the student housing sites. The property owner/managers get a great amenity for their students at no cost to the property. The students get an easy, convenient, and secure way to get their laundry washed, dried, folded, and returned using a simple app on their phone.

~We are in the process moving to a monthly subscription service in 2023. Current clients  can either choose to move to one of the monthly billing options or stay with the current semester model for the remainder of this school year. The following link will take you to our services page where you can choose which plan you would like. Remember if you choose the monthly subscription you can cancel at any time. Don't forget, you get extra lbs to your service if you sign up before 12/1/22.


​We have been so overwhelmed by the personal relationships we have made with our students and parents. Here’s how you can help. We are in discussions with IU Residential Services, Greek house managers, and private property managers to provide these lockers free of charge. We would love for them to hear from our clients about the benefits of our services and your experiences dealing with us. If you have concerns about your experiences, we want to hear about them as well. Please send your thoughts and letters to


We are an alumni owned business and have a sophomore daughter at IU. While billing for our laundry service is how we keep the lights on, we really want to be an asset, and source of information for students and their parents. Please never hesitate to reach out to us. We are here to help however we can. 






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