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Hey There

WHY, OH, WHY are you doing your own laundry?  Machines stink in the dorm, there aren't enough in the house and truth be told, DO YOU HAVE ENOUGH TIME?  Use us before spring break to get you to the plane on time or use us when you get back because you are in the final stretch of this semester.  USE YOUR TIME WHERE YOU SHOULD........focused on your grades!  

In perspective, if you have 15 lbs of laundry, it takes 1.5 hours to wash and dry (are you really running back to focus on your studies when you are running back to machines to move and check on your laundry?); AND it takes 45 minutes to fold (yeah, right are you really folding it?). When you let us do your laundry, all you have to do is put it away. Why aren't you pretending that you did your laundry when we really did?

All You Do:

TEXT: Text us at 317-832-8838 and we will arrange your pick up

LOCATION: We will agree on a pickup location, or have you drop it at a location where you live

WAIT: We will be washing ~ folding ~ drying while you do what you do

RETURN: We will return in the SAME DAY or next day!


10% off Spring Break Special

$95.50 >>>>> $85.95

No weight limitations!  As much laundry as you can put in the bag is what we will do!





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