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Weekly Reminder September 17



Are we picking you up this evening after 5? Be sure to confirm with a photo when your items have been dropped off!


“The way I see it, if you want the rainbow 🌈 you gotta put up with the 🌧️ rain.”~Dolly Parton

👉WOW! Did you see the football game at Lucas Oil?

👉 Recent Acquisitions, 2019-2022, at the Eskenazi Museum of Art are currently one of the focused exhibitions until 5/28/23. This gallery highlights artists who have typically been an underrepresented demographic in museum collections.

👉 👉 👉 👉 IMPORTANT……We pick up M-F between 8-👉 10 am and 5-7 pm. Please know your specific pick up day. If you do not want a specific day, you must notify us when with want or need a pick up. We can be there as early as 8 am or 5 pm, we can arrive as late as 10 am or 7 pm. It is your responsibility to figure out how to hand off your bag to us, if you do not want to leave in the designated areas we have been using in each dorm for last several years without ever having a bag stolen or lost! We will update you to a closer time.

👉 If you miss your pick up day, we can figure out an alternate time to get you, if we have availability. This week, we do not have any additional availability. ALSO, please note, our policy is to everything we can to get you picked up if you miss your designated pick-up day. If you continually miss your pick up there is a 10 lb charge added to your account.

👉 If we do get you in on a different day because of missing your pick up, it could take 2 days for delivery. Other things which take multiple days are: special instructions, air dry, and a bag more than 20 lbs.

👉 If you want to hand off to us, let us know. If not, your items should be in designated space at pick up time!

👉 Don’t forget to confirm your pick up, and send a photo when you drop it off. It protects us both!

👉 Respect goes a long way. It also goes both ways. We do not want you to feel stressed! In life there are more important things than having clean socks! So, let’s remember we are in this together! We greatly respect you using us! As a reminder, we want you to feel like you are our only client, but……

👉 You are scheduled for pick up tomorrow.

“Learn as if you will live forever, live like you will die tomorrow”

~Mahatma Gandhi

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