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As Fierce as They Come....and Someone I Aspire to be in IMPACTING the World!

In celebration of both BLACK HISTORY MONTH  (FEB) and WOMEN'S HISTORY MONTH (MARCH), I have decided to celebrate this fine lady!  Dolly is one of our staff here at THE LAUNDRY CO.

I first met Dolly in the fall of 2022.  She is a fierce presence for sure.  Her energy is that of a student.  She is a mother to 5 adult children, 13 grand- children and 4 great grand children with her husband of 56 years.

Both she and her husband are Indiana University graduates as well as having both attained their Doctor of Juris Prudence degrees from IU.  She practiced law internationally as well as in Bloomington for many years.  Her husband recently received his second doctorate degree two years ago at the age of 80.  Pretty impressive.  Then again he is married to an impressive woman who, while being an attorney, also attained her Master's in Adult education, another degree in the Arts and the list goes on.

Doing laundry and folding other peoples clothes might seem like a tedious and boring job for someone whose resume is deep and diverse.  But, Dolly is different.  She is a force!  She is an active grandparent and great grandparent and dedicated to her family and lifting them up.  She believes in spending her time with us here at TLC because we want to be more than just a laundry company.  With her, we can be a resource for the students, and community, we love and cherish so much.

I am honored to be able to work side-by-side with her and I only can hope and dream to make a difference in the world as she has!

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