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IU - In Indiana a legislative act was adopted to establish a seminary in the state. Indiana University is born as State Seminary. It was located at 100 W 2nd street between College and Walnut. The park there is called "Seminary Park".

IU - IU has a presence on every continent and can be found in many countries.

IU - Up until the 19th century women were barred from high education. In 1867 IU became one of the first state universities to admit women to co-exist in higher education with men. By 1869 Sarah Park Morrison became the first women to graduate from IU. She went on to become the first female faculty member. Morrison Hall is named in her honor.

IU - Thomas Irving Atkins, who became a national attorney, politician and the general counsel for the NAACP earned his BA from IU in 1961. While at IU he was elected student body president becoming the first black student to hold the position at both IU and in the BIG TEN.

IU - You can thank an IU graduate for your cavity free smile. Joseph Charles Muhler received his BA in 1947 and his DDS in 1938. Along with two other chemists, William Nebergall and Harry Day, they developed the first formula for fluoridated toothpaste. It was released as Crest toothpaste in 1956....Smile.

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