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This IU treasure is far from the city limits of Bloomington, Indiana. It sits on the shore of the glacial lake of Lake Elkhart in Wisconsin. For more than 100 years it has offered outdoor adventures to families and students. The counselors are not only from IU. This year the counselors represented UCLA, San Diego, Dublin, Austrailia, a few throughout England, Germany, University of Wisconsin, many others and we even had a few from Purdue.... lol.

These amazing individuals come together and create memories which last a lifetime for the families which show up year after year. We are a week three family. Families come every year, year after year on the same week. They find themselves being family with other families of their week, for us week three. In our week, we have families who were once the kids, then they were the counselors, then they were families bringing their families, then they were watching their kids being counselors. So far, there are more than 20 marriages which have resulted because of Brosius related to "WEEK THREE" from over the generations. It is what tradition is all about.

Every day is scheduled and NOT scheduled. There is children programming and adult programming. It can be racing at the near by Road America Grand Prix racing course , a wine tasting field trip, kid carnival, pickleball tournament, sailing, playground, lake swim, hiking, camp fire, etc...and every morning we gather at the flagpole to say good morning and sing the IU Fight song! Or it can be decompressing in an adorondack chair....

Life is good at CAMP BROSIUS! In fact, as a HOOSIER, it is anothe hidden gem of why Indiana University is one of the greatest universities!

Here are some videos....

Here are some photos! Enjoy

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