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What Makes Us Different?

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

There are no hidden fees or policies and we treat your items like they are ours. That is the first thing!

I love competition in our industry. There are many sayings which apply to why it is better to have a group of options. "A rising tide lifts all boats," and "There is a lid for every pot". We want our clients to have options in the marketplace. We believe we outshine in our service being high end and the quality not being able to be matched. We also believe in our commitment to communicating with our clients and accommodating their needs. We believe we are in a relationship. Those policies do not make us more expensive, they make us a better value. Here are a few other reasons.

#1: The Bag

Our bag has a flat bottom and is squared. This allows us to meticulously fold your clothes and layer in a space where they will not be returned wrinkled. Furthermore, how we stack them, (we call it "Jenga" style), promotes pressing winkles out of the folded clothes. The other bags from our competitors are drawstring bags with no support.

#2: Real Costs

This is where it gets real. Our competitors sell a "SEMESTER" plan based on the amount of lbs you "want" to use a week. You are then charged at the end of the week when you have gone over your weekly plan amount. We keep it simple and do not hide any charges. If you go over your plan in lbs with us, you do not pay for it until end of the semester. What does that really look like? Our entry plan is for 200 lbs for the whole semester. Comparable entry plans for other companies are 10 lbs (other options depending on company are 10, 15, 20, 25,and 30) per weekly plans. A semester is generally 15 to 17 weeks long (for the intents and purposes here, we will use 17 weeks). So, a student would get 170 lbs. over the course of the semester. But do they? NO. They are only allocated the amount of lbs per week of the pricing plan they purchased. If you use under 10 lbs per week, the lbs do not roll over to the next week. If you go over, you pay a per lb price that week. To sum it up, If the average student using 17 lbs per week and they have the 10 lb per week plan, at the end of that semester the client has paid. $261.80 ADDITIONAL dollars for the lbs they used over their 10 lb per week plan. Our plans account for this!

IMPORTANT: With those other two companies. Under this scenario, with both companies you are spending more than $650 for approximately 200 lbs. We are $100 lbs cheaper than our competitors.

#3: Pickups and deliveries

Our service is unique.  We provide delivery directly to your dorm, Greek house or Apartment any available day.  You are not chasing down a van sitting a mile or dorm away. Furthermore, we deliver the next day. Of course there are times when we are unable to because of things out of our control, you might have over 20lbs or you have requested special help. But, if we are unable to return by our next delivery (the same day return is the bonus to you we strive for), it is returned the next day.

#4: We treat your items as if they were ours.

For us, that means COMMUNICATION!!!! We makes ourselves available to respnd to you very quickly. We listen to you. We understand you. We know your items are very important. We have never lost a client because of service or cost. Our procedures and demand for excellence is because we genuinely see every client's garments as important, and not just laundry. We understand how a jersey or expensive leggings are important. The jersey is a connection to someone, or maybe a client worked hard at a summer job to purchase clothes for the school year from a fancy leisure wear store. We look at the clients as a whole; from "where" they come from and "who" they come from. Our care and commitment is to our clients!

#5: The Final Score

We are cheaper, faster and care more. We know we are a luxury. We are a high end service which thinks of you first.!

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