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Ten Reasons to Use Laundry Co.

Students face amazingly big amounts of stress and anxiety as a result of their new found freedoms and personal responsibility when they leave for college!

They are attending many activities and have many self driven responsibilities; such as schoolwork, social responsibilities, and house chores…..which includes laundry.

The current generation has been raised employing third party services.    “ADULTING”, is no longer throwing a pod in a rotating cylinder and calling it the chore of, “laundry.”  Adulting is now using Amazon, DoorDash, and other third party services in order to meet their responsibilities.   They have to organize their schedules, be responsible to commitments, manage professional expectations, maintain organization and efficiency.

However, to relieve some of this stress and frustration, students can employ professional services that help them out and focus on more important things.

10 Reasons Why Students

Choose Laundry Services

1️⃣ Laundry Services Are Cost-efficient:

Education costs…💰

Don’t spend your time doing laundry when it should be spent studying…..Let’s get our ROI!!!!

👉🏻 You will spend less on a laundry service then you will replacing all of the expensive clothes ruined or stolen out of old laundry machines or community laundry areas.

More importantly, students generally spend more money per semester replacing lost, ruined or stolen laundry by doing it themselves.

Think the cost of LULU, ALO, Nike, All Saints, carthart, Soma, etc….

2️⃣ Laundry Services Save Time:

Students have a lot of things to do that consume a great deal of their time ⏰. Going to lectures, completing assignments, school projects, going for tests and exams 🧐, studying, and doing other activities take the majority of their time. Heck, just,"BEING," a college student is time consuming.

On the other hand 🖐🏽, it is estimated that students, in universities and boarding schools, spend some 96 hours doing laundry every year!  That is 3-4 hours per week!

3️⃣ Laundry Service Reduces Stress

By hiring laundry services, students avoid the hassle and stress that is often associated with doing laundry. 😫Students often come back to their apartments or dorms very tired after the day’s activities. Coming back to meet a heap of laundry 🧺 to be done further increases their stress levels, and this tires them out all the more. So, to avoid both this emotional and physical stress, they just have to place an order for laundry pick-up and have their laundry done while they are busy with other things, and when they come back, they will not meet any undone laundry waiting for them.

4️⃣ Laundry Service Is Convenient:

Thanks to modern technologies, certain house chores, including laundry, can be carried out conveniently. Making use of on-demand student laundry services enable students to get their laundry done even more conveniently. 🚘

5️⃣ Professional Services:

WE TREAT EVERY ITEM AS IF IT WERE OUR OWN.  🥰 Our staff of laundry concierges are professionals who have enough knowledge and experience on how to efficiently clean a variety of dirty fabrics. These professionals give fabrics the care that they need right from the pre-spotting stage of the cleaning process to the packaging and delivery stage.

6️⃣ Use Of High-quality Cleaning Materials

We use, and purchase, YOUR preferences!!!!  If not, we make use of high-quality cleaning materials that are designed to suit the requirements of each fabric in our care.

7️⃣ Easy to Access 

Laundry services are very accessible. It does not matter how far away the laundry service company is from the client as it is always ready to cater to the needs of its clients. As in our, "DORM to DORM," service, ie, door to door at all Greek houses, off campus properties and dorms.

8️⃣ Laundry Services Are Efficient on Resources 

The entire cleaning process utilizes a lot of water and electricity, especially when using washing machines. Students, most of the time, cannot afford the expenses that come with maintaining washing machines and the cost of supplies.....Once again, a service is cheaper..

9️⃣ Student Laundry Services Offer A Variety Of Options

Laundry services offer students a wide variety of washing and drying methods that adequately suit both their needs and the needs of their fabrics being washed. Certain fabrics may be very delicate and need special care and attention to avoid damaging the materials. Sometimes, the student may have allergic reactions to certain detergents and other cleaning agents. We provide students with various options to choose from with regards to how the fabrics can be washed and the necessary attention to give to them.

🔟 Laundry Service Offer Great Results:

Some little mishaps are bound to happen when laundry is being done at home or in the school laundry room. It could be the shrinking of certain delicate fabrics like wool, linen, and silk, stretching, or even color bleeding and tough stains that refuse to go away no matter the number of times they have been cleaned.

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