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Weekly Reminder August 20

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Here is your update:

1.) Please remember, you have a certain number of lbs to use over a time period of per month to the full semester. Use us when you need us. 😊. Use us 2x a week if yo need us!

2.) You can either choose a specific day for pick up.....or call us when you need us. Please give us 12 hours notice for pick up!

3.) We will continue to let you know a window of time closer to pick up. But we cannot guarantee an exact time, we will send a message stating we have arrived.

4.) Please be sure you are checking your side plastic pocket. We return items left in pockets there or sometimes we send little tokens of appreciation. 🎁

5.) You do not have to use us every week, so please do not stress! 😖Sometimes you might not have very much! Remember you are using between 50-360 lbs over the course of the month or semester and we come every week. So, you can use us when you need us. We are here to take stress off of you, not to be another thing you “HAVE” to do!

6.) As we start this semester we are so excited to be expanding. We are always working to get better and do better. Sometimes there are growing pains. We will always make it right.

7.) Don’t forget for every person you refer you get $10. EASY 👉🏼💰!

8.) Go have an AMAZING week. Work hard, have fun and make amazing memories! 😊

9.) One of our beliefs is…… “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” ~Nelson Mandela

10.). PLEASE SEND PHOTO OF YOUR ITEMS AT LOCATION TO CONFIRM YOUR PICK UP!!! This is how we know your bag has been dropped off.

~ Your TLC concierges

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