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Weekly Reminder August 27

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

👉 As you get ready for your the OHIO STATE game this week, don’t forget the things which are important… memories! Be smart, make good decisions and hug your parents a little harder if you see them, because they miss the hugs!

👉 I decided to put the quote first today……”Every man has their own success waiting on their path. The only way to reach that success is when they choose to walk in their own path and don’t follow other people’s path. When they choose to keep in their own lane. Most of them lose this success by trying to copy on how others have succeeded & walking in their foot steps.”

― De philosopher DJ Kyos

👉 Please remember, we check your pockets. When we do, we put any items we find in the plastic pocket.

👉 Everyone should watch this video! It will be 7 minutes of the best life advice any student could get….. and remember, PROFESSORS ARE BORING! . SO FUN TO WATCH!

👉Don’t forget to confirm your pick up, and send a photo when you drop it off. It protects us both! 👉 ALSO, very important, protect yourself with the inventory list. Fill it out. If it is not filled out, we cannot investigate if you tell us it is lost!!!!!! If you tell us something is missing, we will diligently hunt it down. We have extremely tight protocols from the minute we pick up, to the minute it goes back so that NOTHING is ever lost. So, if you want to file a claim for your items, be sure you have it listed on the inventory list which you will find in the side pocket.

👉 We pick up EVERY DAY between 8-10 am and 6-8 pm. If you think an evening pick up would work better, please let us know. Please know your specific pick up day. We can be there as early as 8. We will update you in the morning of your day to a closer time.

👉 If you miss your pick up day, we can figure out an alternate time to get you, if we have availability. This week, we do not have any additional availability. If you continually miss your pick up there is a 10 lb charge added to your account. Adjusting your pick up time more than 3 times would constitute additional pounds put on to account.

👉 If we do get you in on a different day because of missing your pick up, it could take 2 days for delivery. Other things which take multiple days are: special instructions, air dry, and a bag more than 20 lbs.

👉 If you want to hand off to us, let us know. If not, your items should be in designated space at 8 am.

👉 Don’t forget to confirm your pick up, and send a photo when you drop it off. It protects us both!

👉 Oh, yes, some of our pickups have been redelivered the same day! This is because we have a great staff who is working hard to provide for you!

👉 We try to give you a text saying your items have been dropped off. Sometimes we can’t. But, if you have not seen your items the next day in the designated area by noon, reach out to us. Please remember, you are responsible for your items. You always have the right to hand off to us. We have never had anything stolen. Working together and having great communication keeps us providing a great service!

👉 Respect goes a long way. It also goes both ways. We do not want you to feel stressed! In life there are more important things than having clean socks! So, let’s remember we are in this together! We greatly respect you using us!

👉 “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” ~ Thomas A. Edison

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