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$50 off of purchased plan

Looking at self-sufficiency, adulting, focus, ROI, success in college!

The first thing which makes us different, is the courage for us to stand alone as a company.  To be vulnerable and sincere.  To understand parents, to respect the student’s journey, and to connect.  You are not our only client, but we want you to feel like you are!


I tell the story a lot and give the testimony of an immediate and anxious feeling I let my son down and did not teach him the tools he needed.  It hit quickly in the first few weeks after dropping him off at a school which was not within a parameter of me being able to, “Drop In” for lunch or my, “Mommy fix”.   He called me and told me he did not know how to open a can of soup with a manual can opener…….


Yes, I hear jaws dropping everywhere!


On the other hand, I sent a daughter off who (whether she had tools or not) was not going to let anyone know she did not know how to do something.  Her stubborn independent streak was determined to do things on her terms.


Both are self-sufficient.  There are many meanings to being “Self-sufficient”.  I did not find a meaning anywhere which described the actions necessary to being self-sufficient.  There were no directions, no to-do list, no recipe for success at sufficiency.  Only the recurring message of having the quality of being able to take care of oneself, to be happy and to deal with problems.


They are both self-sufficient.  Both are happy! Both are having their journey’s defined by who they are, not by who I am….


And, yes, everyone who knows me, would agree I am, “THAT”, mom.  But, I learned I could only support them in their self-driven success in this chapter.  That I had expectations.  School is their job, and I am here to be their foundation and support them.  My roll is no longer doing for them, it is now allowing their journey to begin and know these years (in college or not) is the bridge from us to their destination.


We googled, “How to be successful in college”?  The top 10 things were:

·      Time Management

·      Stay Organized

·      Take care of your Health

·      Define your goals

·      Ask for help

·      Take notes

·      Attend Class

·      Ask Questions/communicate with others

·      Learn critical analysis skills

·      Open yourself to new things and ideas


Nowhere does it say doing your laundry and keeping your room clean.


Here are some reasons you should use us….

·      Depending on which dorms you are in, there is usually only one laundry room per tower per dorm quads. 

·      Between 7,000 and 10,000 Freshman will be in your class when you arrive. 

·      Other students will not treat your items with “The Golden Rule” in mind.  They will be taken out of the dryer and put on a table, or worse the floor.

·      You will spend less money (and time) using us, than you will replacing lost, stolen, or ruined items.

·      You will save more than 3+ hours a week.

·      Your items will be returned to you in a manner which promotes organization, efficiency and time management.

  • The way our laundry comes to you! In flat bottom bags not draw string bags.

  • Organized so you can put it away

  • We even have a separate bag for dry cleaning or special instruction items.

  • We show appreciation or have giveaways.

  • They never come wrapped in plastic and not able to have fabrics breathe.

  • Never in drawstring bags

  • Not ever done at someones personal residence

  • We go straight to every location. You do not need to come to us in a centralized location. We pick up and drop off where you are!!!! No hauling your bag on your way to class to drop off.

  • You will not have to worry about them on the floor of the laundy room in your housing.

  • We do a lot of laundry. It is not our side gig. We want to exceed expectations!

We are giving $50 off if you purchase your plan today!!!!!

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