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Well, maybe not the whole story!  But here goes with a little bit! We all have a story to tell.  Stories which belong to no one other than ourselves.  No one should be allowed to tell our story for us.  When I started The Laundry Co, it was by accident. I was a single mom who could not get hired.  I found myself, a business owner prior to my divorce, without the tools to even get entry level positions.  As I mentioned this happened by accident.  I needed to launder my dog's beds.  I was not able to find a laundromat.  It sent me down a rabbit hole with intention to open a laundromat in the Zionsville area.  Soon, I realized, I needed to discover what my market wanted.  My market had busy families and needed more time to get everything done in their busy lives.  Taking a chore off their plate gave them more time.  I am very proud of how this little company grew to encompass everything north of Meridian Kessler, including Carmel, Westfield, Noblesville and Fishers.  

Once again, magic happened in the accident.  My youngest was going away to college.  I am sure with what followed she thought to herself many times, she had not gone far enough.  People within my community who had children going to IU started to ask me if I had any thoughts on wash, dry, fold in Bloomington.  Then I saw questions on an IU Parent page.  Like a typical soon-to-be empty nester mom, I answered those questions.  Over the course of the next 24 hours I had more than 300 people on our website from all over the world.  They were from Dubai, West Coast, East Coast, The South, Shanghai, etc...All of a sudden I had a business at a location where I had no infrastructure.  I am not sure how we made it happen.

Three years later, we have 180 app driven lockers being installed around campus, Greek houses and Apartment complexes.  We pick up personally at every dorm.  We now have a facility in the Bloomington area.  

Some people say my biggest asset is my passion for my clients.  I treat every one of them with respect to know they are loved and missed someplace else.  My daughter still wishes I was not so close. But, that is another story.

It all happened by accident, or did it?

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