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💥 We are not more expensive!  We do not have any hidden costs and you get to use ALL of your lbs BEFORE you are charged an OVERAGE!  = Less cost, more value

💥 We know our value.  We treat every student and every parent/guadian as our only client.  

💥 We know your items are important to you and expensive. We care for them with that in mind... 

💥 No reason for you to order things online, have them shipped to you and then you bring to campus.  Have them delivered to us of free and we will deliver to you for free!

💥 FINALLY!  We are the only service which is door to door, dorm to dorm, Greek house to Greek house that is not doing your laundry as a gig job for people to take to their home and do to earn extra income.  We are a facility with strict protocols and policies to ensure we are like your laundry room at home!

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We know you have questions!  We have taken the most asked questions, and a few others we know you will want, and answered them here for you! 

Forms and Information

Our Commitment is Unusual

Our service is unique.  We provide delivery directly to your dorm, Greek house or Apartment any available day.  You are not chasing down a van sitting a dorm away.

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