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How we do it:


➰We pick up generally between 6-9 am or 6-9 pm and your drop off the next day,.  We will put forth our VERY best effort to do same day pick.  We don’t mind going the extra mile.....literally.

➰We will give you updated info throughout service from letting you know within 45 min of pick- up and delivery.....unless of course it is too early.  We want to be considerate.😇

➰For your first wash we ask that you put your laundry in a bag (trash bag is fine or bag of your choice) and we will return your laundry folded, wrapped and separated in one of our boxes.  With the subscription service a bag will be provided. 

➰We kindly request if you have special needs, specific instructions or would like us to pay close attention to a garment we need to know.   

➰We will also let you know if a sock is missing, if we notice a hole or anything we feel needs to be brought to your attention.

➰Our services range from bedding, pet bedding, sports teams (our specialty😉), corporate to your family’s personal items, massage studios, salons, etc....

➰Our basic pricing is $2.25 per lb for laundered, dried and folded; $2.50 per lb for laundered and hung dry (we request you provide hangers).  Our other services I will happily provide pricing upon request, or you are able to find on our Facebook page. With a 25 lb minimum order you can have an immense amount of relief! (Standard service has a $5 service fee)

➰We take Sundays off......😊.



For first time clients or those who would like to try us and feel the benefit in their life we give 10% off the first pickup.  


~For subscription clients, we ask you give us a month of subscription noticenotice if cancelling.  

~Sometimes your pick up might be over 50 lbs, if so, we sometimes may need to keep for two days to finish.  There are times when we return same day....YAY!!!!!

~We will be requesting soon to have a credit card on your account.

~Please fill out the client profile.  We would love to know how much fragrance you like, do you want us using an organic detergent or any other pertinent information.

~Your overage invoice is due upon receipt. The subscription invoice is due by first day of month.  There will be a 10% late fee   beginning December 1st if paid after the first day of the month.

~There is a $25 deposit on all bags. Exception for monthly clients whom receive one luxury bag with subscription.  All bags after require deposit.

~If you would like to change or cancel your monthly service, while we do not have a commitment term, we do ask for 30 days notice.

~We want you happy!

~We do have a 25 lb minimum on all pick ups.  Not at all a problem if you have less than 25 lbs.  

~If you have feedback,  are missing something, or you felt something was not ok with your order, PLEASE, bring it to our attention.  We act fast and efficiently to keep you as a client.

~If you forget to put your items out after setting up a time, we will do our very best to get back around and get you taken care of!  Sometimes we might not be able to.



Please feel free to reply here or TEXT @ 317-832-8838 or 317-250-2583

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