How we work is:


➰We pick up generally between 6-9 am or 6-9 pm and your drop off the next day,.  We will put forth our VERY best effort to do same day pick.  We don’t mind going the extra mile.....literally.

➰We will give you updated info throughout service from letting you know within 45 min of pick- up and delivery.....unless of course it is too early.  We want to be considerate.😇

➰For your first wash we ask that you put your laundry in a bag (trash bag is fine or bag of your choice) and we will return your laundry folded, wrapped and separated in one of our boxes.  With the subscription service a bag will be provided. 

➰We kindly request if you have special needs, specific instructions or would like us to pay close attention to a garment we need to know.   

➰We will also let you know if a sock is missing, if we notice a hole or anything we feel needs to be brought to your attention.

➰Our services range from bedding, pet bedding, sports teams (our specialty😉), corporate to your family’s personal items, massage studios, salons, etc....

➰Our basic pricing is $2.25 per lb for laundered, dried and folded; $2.50 per lb for laundered and hung dry (we request you provide hangers).  Our other services I will happily provide pricing upon request, or you are able to find on our Facebook page. With a 25 lb minimum order you can have an immense amount of relief!

➰We take Sundays off......😊.


For first time clients or those who would like to try us and feel the benefit in their life we give 10% off the first pickup.  


Please feel free to reply here or TEXT @317-250-2583

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