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IU -IU Bloomington has a strong commitment to community engagement and has several programs and initiatives aimed at promoting social justice and equity in the surrounding community.

IU-The university has several centers and programs focused on civic engagement and public policy, including the Indiana University Public Policy Institute and the O’Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs.

IU -IU Bloomington is home to the Indiana Daily Student, one of the oldest student-run newspapers in the United States. Since the founding of the Indiana Daily Student (IDS) in 1867and the Arbutus in 1893, these publications have served the needs and interests of the Bloomington campus community.

IU -The university has several student-run media outlets, including a radio station (WIUX) and a television station (IU NewsNet).

IU The university has a strong commitment to technology and innovation, and has several centers and programs focused on entrepreneurship and innovation, including the IU Angel Network and the Shoemaker Innovation Center.

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