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Tornados in Indiana?

Hi it’s Timber from The Laundry Company. I created this guide. Hope it helps

Non Midwesterner’s guide to NWS alerts:

Thunderstorm Watch: Why are they telling us this? It’s springtime in Indiana, we are ALWAYS under pop up storm threat.

Thunderstorm Warning: Get the car under something cause it might very well hail. You might also lose power but the weather show will be totally worth it.

Tornado Watch: meh, keep playing pickleball, softball, swimming etc. till you see lightning or hear thunder.

Tornado Warning: ok, time to pay attention. Send the family to the basement while you stand on the west facing porch and play Jr. Meteorologist. Later brag to your friends that you saw the funnel cloud (you probably didn’t.)

Side note: A couple of years ago there was a tornado warning about an hour before an IU basketball game. Early arrives we’re sent to the bowels of Assembly Hall. My 8 year old made a bunch of people laugh when he said, “well if it hits us at least we will die in the most Hoosier way ever. Hit by a tornado while watching a basketball game.”

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