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Who Doesn't Like to Travel?

Explore the world, reset your mind, search for hidden treasure and do it with a really cute (or manly) travel bag! OUR GIVEAWAY!!!!

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine

Think about it for just one minute.....Experience educates you! Hit the National parks, go through customs in a third world, see the tulips in Holland, hike the Inca trail, and do it all with out luggage.

This week we are giving away a luxury carryon. It can surprisingly carry a lot of your needs. The fact that it is on wheels is amazing.

This is our current giveaway. Anyone who signs up will have an entry and anyone who refers someone will have 2 entered.

We are serving the university Monday-Friday being able to pick up almost anywhere. Some Saturdays and Sunday, usually upon request. Most of our clients use us every week. We pick up at every dorm directly. We do not have students come to us. 😊

We understand two very important things about spending money on a laundry service.

1. People believe doing laundry is a life skill. No doubt about it. The life skill is not only learning how to actually do the laundry, but the more important aspects of time management, responsibility, organization, etc… By using a service, students are learning the more important life skill while focusing on their personal success.

2. It costs less to use our service for a semester than it does to replace lost, stolen or ruined clothes. Every week, the majority of our students are sending in items which cost more than $100 per item (Lulu, Nike, athletica, IU GEAR, Northface, etc….

We are a wash~dry~fold company. We pick up at every dorm, Greek house and apartment complex. One of the reoccurring reviews we get, is items are returned folded and ready to be put away as if they were brand new. Our folding and washing procedures are impeccable.

We have two types of plans! We have a monthly plan and a semester plan. Both products are picked up every week with a set day, or at the students request.

We have monthly plans. The monthly plan uses 50, 70 or 90 lbs per month for, $134, $174 or $199. It can be cancelled. They can use up to the amount of pounds in their program and then if they go over, they are charged and overage fee per lb over at end of month.

Then our semester plan is for our clients who want all of their lbs up front and use their lbs anytime between 8/1 and 12/15. They are 200 lbs, 280 lbs and 360 lbs for $549, $699 and $799. If they go over their lbs, they pay at end of semester. This cannot be cancelled.

The average pick up per student a week is 17lbs. We have approximately 10 weeks left in the semester.

Here is an example of weights:

Weights are approximate for average size. 3 pairs of jeans (16 oz each), 2 casual pants (22 oz each), 2 Shirts (6oz each), 2 towels (32 oz each), 7 pairs of socks (2 oz each), 4 sweatshirts (10 oz each) and 9 undergarments (2 oz each).

Take a chance!

Use us, Laundry Co, to support you while you prioritize your life and your education. Pressing a button after throwing a pod in a water filled cylinder is not a life skill! Time management, working towards your future, meeting your responsibilities, being efficient; these are just a few life skills you learn using us to do your laundry.

Finally, dream big and don't define yourself by your current sidewalk.

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